Our Family range does exactly what it says. Good quality product at a price that your pocket will appreciate! The perfect range for hungry families with lunchboxes to fill!

€4 Carroll's Family Pack Traditional Ham 3D
Traditional Ham
€3 Carroll's Value Wafer Thin Ham 3D
Wafer Thin Ham
€3 Carroll's Value Crumbed Chicken 3D
Stuffing Crumb Sliced Chicken
4694 Carrolls Value Honey Roast Ham 3D
Honey Roast Ham
4694 Carrolls Value Wafer Crumbed Ham 3D
Wafer Thin Crumbed Ham
€4 Carroll's Family Pack Crumbed Ham 3D
Crumbed Ham
Roast Chicken BV
Traditional Roasted Sliced Chicken
€3 Carroll's Family Pack Wafer Thin Chicken 3D
Wafer Thin Sliced Chicken
4694 Carrolls Value Southern Chicken 3D
Southern Fried Crumbed Sliced Chicken
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