Enjoy our premium quality delicatessen sliced cooked meats. With its guaranteed fresh quality, it is as close as you will get to the real fresh deli experience at home. Superb products, perfect for that special sandwich or an everyday affordable treat!

4716 Carrolls Deli Oven Baked Ham 3D
Carroll's Oven Baked Ham
4716 Carrolls Deli Smokey BBQ Ham 3D
Carroll's Smokey Barbecue Ham
4716 Carrolls Deli Peppered Roast Beef 3D
Carroll's Pepper Roast Beef
4716 Carrolls Deli Shaved Crumbed Ham 3D
Carroll's Shaved Crumbed Ham
4716 Carrolls Deli Shaved Pastrami 3D
Carroll's Shaved Pastrami
Carroll's Off the Bone Traditional Ham
4716 Carrolls Deli Crumbed Ham 3D
Carroll's Crumbed Ham
Carroll's Peppered Roast Turkey
4716 Carrolls Deli Roast Chicken 3D
Carroll's Roast Chicken
4716 Carrolls Deli Shaved Honey Roast 3D
Carroll's Honey Roast Ham
4766 Carrolls Deli TC Honey
Carroll's Off the Bone Honey Roast Ham
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